A Few Items the Atlanta Home Inspector checks under your home

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It is important, no matter the age of the home, to have a home inspection performed during a real estate transaction. Don’t assume that a brand new construction will not have any issues. The Atlanta home inspector sees many new constructions, as well as historic and typical home structures. It is not uncommon to find just as many issues with new builds as with the historic properties. Here are some items Atlanta home inspections looks for when underneath a home of any age:


  1. Moisture levels – Moisture levels underneath a home can help the Atlanta Home Inspector uncover issues from inside the home.  For instance, if there are signs of water damage below the area where the refrigerator sits, this could be an indication of a water line leak. Other important areas are underneath the toilets, sinks, tubs and showers – anywhere there could be a sealing or plumbing issue. However, moisture issues in the crawlspace are not limited to a leak. It could mean that the area just isn’t properly ventilated. This is a key element in the inspection, because a high moisture level contributes to wood rot and promotes the growth of mold and mildew. Span and load is the support system of the home. Buckling, breaking or rotting support systems can fail due to an elevated moisture level.



  1. Electrical – There should not be any loose wires dangling or strewn about within the crawlspace. Junction boxes should not be open and all wires should be properly contained. Loose, exposed wiring can not only electrocute someone, but possibly start a fire.





  1. Ductwork – Ductwork should be properly connected and supported. There should not be any kinks or binds in the connections to ensure proper airflow throughout the system. Also, the ductwork should be in place and not hanging, bulging, or gaping open.




  1. Wildlife – Wildlife evidence can be found underneath homes. Sometimes, the wildlife itself is found. Bugs that can threaten the structure of the home can be found and also snakes are sometimes present.




These are just a few of the items the Atlanta Home Inspection team will search for at your property. Remember it is important to be armed with information so that you and your client can make the best decisions moving forward.


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