Are You Tracking Yourself?

Have you ever used Google Alerts? It is a wonderful research tool, which enables you to track just about anything of interest to you, including yourself!!

Here are 5 ways to use Google Alerts:

* Track Keywords. Create alerts that feed you with the information you crave. Feed this information to your blogs, posts, videos, newletters. Narrow the tracking, by specifying interestes. The more precise your search, the more concise the information.

 * Track Yourself. Anything associated with you or your company/brand can be tracked. This will allow you to follow your followers. This will allow you a better response and a good niche market sense.

 *Track competitors. Follow your competition so that you can either keep on doing what you already are, or realign yourself to stay competitive in today’s market.

 *Find content Stealers. By creating alerts on your written words (blogs, campaigns, etc) you will be notified when someone decides to “borrow” your ideas. If it is being used in such a manner that you disapprove, you will be able to follow through with the necessary steps to get it removed from their site.

 *Find Customers. By setting up an alert that is a question such as “who sells car parts in xyz town” then you will see who is asking that, where they are, and what they need, so that you, as a business can better fulfill their needs.

   By tracking all aspects of you, your business and your website hits, you can grow your business. Insight into what drives people to your website is a great marketing research tool.


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