Atlanta Home Inspection Process is Non-Invasive

home inspection is a bright idea  The key word to remember during the Atlanta home inspection process is  “VISUAL”. The inspection process is non-invasive.  We do not pull apart, pry, move, or open items. Any sight of cracks in foundation, chimney, roof or any other major area of the home will be recommend to a professional for further investigation. We crawl under the house, walk on the roof, check plumbing, HVAC, electricity, exterior and interior walls.

Our Atlanta home inspection reports indicate either repair, routine maintenance or replace as options for items on the list. We are often complimented on our easy to read reports and the simpler language included to help everyone understand the findings.


Additional services can be added to any home inspection. Radon, termite and infrared testing  can instill peace of mind for new home buyers, agents, and sellers alike.



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