Canton home inspection 30115 provided by Atlanta Home Inspector

Canton home inspection 30115 provided by Atlanta Home Inspector

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Canton home inspector, David Lelak with IHI home inspections likes to be detailed and thorough. He is one of the few home inspectors that will walk 99.9% of roofs out there. If you are in need a thorough home inspection that includes roof walking, call 404-788-2581 today.

Canton home inspection 30115 provided by Atlanta Home Inspector


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Subject: Canton home inspection 30115 provided by Atlanta Home Inspector

Hardwood Floors Are Always Trendy, Yet Practical


Atlanta Home Inspections get the privilege of entering numerous homes thourghout the North Georgia region.  Many trends are seen and documented through photography and video during the compilation of each inspection report. An aspect that seems fashionable and practical shows up repeatedly during Atlanta Home Inspections  ; hardwood floors.

 From the runway to the living room, hot trends in home fashion can take the style of a room from simple to stunning. Incorporating trendy furniture into home decor is an easy way to add style without having to make costly renovations.

If you are looking for ideas to upgrade your home’s interior decor for 2012, the American Hardwood Information Center offers design trends inspired by the most recent High Point Market home furnishings show.

Bring the outdoors in
A key furniture trend for this season is bringing the outdoors in through the use of natural American hardwoods. Outdoor-inspired furniture that mimics traditional park benches, picnic tables and lawn chairs, using hardwoods, is a noteworthy design element. Inspired by Mother Nature, designers at the High Point Market showcased hardwoods in both traditional and modern forms, accentuating the organic curves, movement and form of the natural material. Homeowners can mimic the look by selecting wood furniture with unique curves or pieces that highlight the natural whorls, knots and texture of the wood.

“It is never a surprise to see hardwood show up in what’s trending all over the High Point Market,” says Rose Bennett Gilbert, home decorating expert, author, and syndicated columnist.  “After all, hardwood is a natural material that’s totally adaptable to whatever style or shape is on-trend in furniture. And that’s not just furniture: hardwood is an essential ingredient throughout the house — any style of house — in flooring, cabinetry, and millwork, as well as furniture.”

Garden inspiration
Tying in with the theme of bringing the outdoors in, garden inspired design is a hot trend in both furniture design and home decor accessories. The garden gate motif works well with everything from bedspreads to pillows to furniture coverings.

Natural neutrals to bright blues
Trends in wood finishing have moved from dark to light. Consider lightening up the look of your furniture with soft neutrals such as pale grays, whites and nudes.

Beyond hardwoods, mixing in bright hues with your decor can really make a room pop. What’s hot right now? Color palettes inspired by earth’s elements such as blues, greens and reds.

Cherry on top
Though wood finishes may be trending lighter, American cherry is the top species in four categories of wood furniture, including bedroom, dining room, home office and entertainment cabinets, according to Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc.’s 2011 Furniture Styles and Material Use Survey, conducted at the High Point Market. Walnut, red oak and white oak round out the top species, with many furniture manufacturers using clear, satin finishes to protect the wood while allowing its true characteristics to come through.

If you are undecided about which species to choose for your home design, the American Hardwood Information Center at offers a species guide, stain selector and inspirational photo galleries to help with wood furniture selection. A free smart phone app is available for download as well.

“With hardwood as a prominent trend in home furnishings right now, the site is a valuable tool for those looking to incorporate American hardwoods into the design of their home,” says Linda Jovanovich, executive vice president for the Hardwood Manufacturers Association, and representative of the American Hardwoods Promotion group. “One of the great things about hardwood is that even as design trends come and go, solid hardwood furniture will last a lifetime and can be restained or painted if you want an on-trend look.”

From the runway to the living room, hot trends in home fashion can take the style of a room from simple to stunning. Incorporating trendy furniture into home decor is an easy way to add style without having to make costly renovations.

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Home Staging Tips for Everyone Shared by A Home Inspector in Atlanta GA

It is hard to remove yourself from a house you have called home. However, when you are trying to sell it, all the personal elements must go. Just because you find something appealing, doesn’t mean that everyone potentially buying your home will share your design taste.

By removing clutter from the home, the appearance will not only be neater, but also seem more spacious. In that decluttered area, regroup furniture to maximize the space. By pulling items away from the walls, rooms will feel larger. Find out what type of “extra” room potential buyers are looking for, and repurpose one of your home’s rooms to meet that criteria.

A top selling point is lighting. They say ligting sets the mood, and that seems to be accurate. With brighter lights (higher wattage bulbs) areas seem more inviting. Also consider more than one type of lighting per room.

Paint can also make the sale. If you want space to have definition, use different colors to set those spaces off. However, if you are wanting to enhance areas, to make them seem more fluid and roomier, try using the same color to draw the rooms together. Also, try to remain neutral. Neutral colors tend to garner more offers. BUT if you must be creative, be mindful of what colors you use and what rooms you paint. Sometimes the outcome is dramatic, other times horrific.

Try to use artwork to your advantage. Don’t always hang pictures in straight lines or all at the same height. Remember the rule of threes. Odd numbers are more appealing than even. Bring artwork in from your yard or garden. Fresh flowers or plants liven up a space and make it inviting.