Do You Have a Clogged Dryer Vent? A Brief Discussion with the Atlanta Home Inspector

  When your clothes dryer turns off, are your clothes still wet? Do you have to cycle your dryer two or three times to get the job done? These are common occurrances when your dryer vent is clogged. During an Atlanta home inspection, make sure that this issue is checked. If your venting system exceeds 25 feet and/or has a 90 degree angle in it, the chances of clogging are higher. When the vent clogs, it causes other major issues with the operating system of your dryer. It can also lead to a potential fire hazard if not cleared.

    Another thing to consider, one that the Atlanta Home Inspector has seen, and included the picture of here, is that vent placement will also effect the performance of your appliance. In this photo the vent is not far enough out of the side of the home to properly do its job. Make sure when installing or having one installed, that it is measured and placed in the appropriate place for maximum performace.

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