Don’t buy the cheapest materials to temporarily patch the problem.

flexline pipe tear no date for blog What’s the issue with flex line plumbing fixes? Well, for starters, the choice alone screams temporary band-aid. Do-it-yourself gurus may profess to have the perfect solution for that under sink issue, but the best solution for this busted, leaky pipe is not another flex line. As seen here, the flex line has busted under pressure. Water can now leak all over the sink cabinet, eventually underneath the cabinet and onto the floor. Once the water sits under the sink cabinet or penetrates the floor covering, the issue becomes much more than just a tear in a flex line. It then becomes a major water intrusion issue that could require several dollars to repair.

In this instance, a PVC pipe would have been a better alternative. PVC is more durable and comes in different grades depending upon what type of plumbing job needs to be done. It can withstand water pressure and routine use. There are also clear PVC styles available on the market. Plus, the materials needed to install PVC are readily available at most hardware and home remodeling chain supply stores.

Don’t buy the cheapest materials to temporarily patch the problem. Solve the problem before it escalates into a more costly headache!

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