Ensure Santa can Land on your Roof with an Atlanta Home Inspections roof inspection


Chances are, if you have been nice all year, Santa will be paying you a visit the night before Christmas. When he arrives in his reindeer-drawn sleigh, will he be able to safely land on your roof or will he crash and burn?

santa on roof


To keep Santa and his reindeer injury free you may need to consider having a maintenance roof inspection performed. A roof inspection will cost you, but it is  a lot cheaper than what it will cost you if undetected issues wreak havoc.

Worried about weak spots, broken shingles or leaks? Have the roof inspected by a professional who walks the roof. By walking the roof more details can be found as opposed to viewing the roof from the ground with binoculars.



One of the weakest points of any portion of a roof is in the seaming.  If the seams are not properly sealed upon installation, then the risks of the roof having an issue increase. Where adhesion methods, such as glue, tape, asphalt, or heat welder, etc. are used, if both faces of the seam aren’t sealed at once, the seam will be defective.  Seam sealing is present in the following methods:

  • Peel & Stick – As simple as it sounds, and then the seams are rolled out with a special roller.
  • Thermoplastic – This seal fuses when hot air melts the section to the next one or to the flashing
  • Asphalt – the hot substance is mopped into place/ it can also be welded. Once the torch heats the asphalt it will melt to the next membrane or flashing.



Another common area of the roof where issues may be found is around the vent boot.




It is important that the drawband is tightly attached but does not cut into the flashing and that the sealant at the top is installed with no voids or loose sections. The vents are often the first item to deteriorate due to weathering and age. If they are not sealed properly or suffer from the elements, then leaks can occur around them.



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