Good News For Allergy Sufferers Linked to Environmentally Safe Products

   According to the EPA inside air is more polluted than outside air. Paints and finishes are considered one of the top 5 hazards to human health. Low level toxins are released not only upon application of paint, but also for years after the fact. Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC’s  were thought to be essential to the paints performance. However, low VOC and zero VOC paints and finishes have now been developed.

 The safest paints and finishes are those that are made naturally. Water based natural paints do not emit smell- this is good news for allergy sufferers. Oil based natural paints usually emit citrus or essential oil fragrance. 

 Natural paints and finishes are made from raw plant ingredients: oils, resins, dyes.  Essential oils and water are also ingredients.  There are also natural mineral ingredients such as milk casein, clay, bees’wax, earth and natural latex.  

When choosing the “greenest” paint (not in color, but in natural form) it is best to research your choices to arrive at the best decision for your own environment. There are so many choices available to consumers and contractors today that deciding on a healthy and environmentally sound product is much easier than in the past.

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