Hey, We Could Use a Little Support Around Here!

In every movie there is always a hero or heroine, who is the main character of the story.  Throughtout the plot the character’s life unfolds and we learn their entire story. However, the story would not be as interesting without the supporting character roles. In most movies, it is the supporting cast that actually allows the star to shine.  While the Atlanta Home Inspector doesn’t have much spare time to watch movies, he does have time to understand the importance of a supporting role.

A Supporting Role that May Fall Flat!


Calculations are a very important process, if not the most important process of the building experience. It is imperative that the locations of all deck support posts be determined in advance. As in any equation, variable must be taken into consideration. By knowing the land, the building materials, the weather and the use for structure, the proper supports can be utilized.   As in this picture, it is obvious that someone did not take any variables into consideration… the result… a supporting rold that may fall flat!    Ensure your family’s safety by having the Atlanta home inspector  investigate your home from the topmost of the roof to every nook and cranny underneath the home, the inspector will provide your family peace of mind – and help you find the house that you can call home! Do us a favor if you or someone you know is about to buy that perfect home, please recommend us to them. When you find your dream home, make sure that you get a thorough home inspection in Atlanta, GA from the home inspector Atlanta, GA, David Lelak of IHI Home Inspections, they serve Atlanta and all of North Georgia. Call us today at 404-788-2581 for a thorough home inspection in Atlanta.

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