I am purchasing a new construction home, should I get a Home Inspection before I move in?

As the home inspector Atlanta, our response is a definite yes; here is a few very good reasons why.
Having a new house inspected can make much more logic than getting an old house inspected. A three or four year old home is very similar to a home that has already been taken on a long test drive, most of the problems have already been discovered and repaired. Why not obtain a home inspector Atlanta to check out your new home?
Another thing you should take into consideration; the contractor is only responsible for the repairs for one year, if you have a home inspection when the house is new you will be provided with a punch list for the builder to follow and make all the necessary repairs before you even move into it.
Whenever you are moving into a new home the appliances, showers, sinks, bathroom toilets and fixtures have not been used to be sure they are working as they should or checked for leaks.
You may find small problems in any new home, but if some of them are neglected they will become major concerns in a short period of time. Primary contractors will provide you with a one year warranty with all new houses. Contractors want to take care of their customers well because it is the best way for them to maintain their reputation and get future referrals.
Here is a list of material to consider;
• Being able to identify any structural problems and have them repaired before the home has time to shift or settle.
• To find issues up front and have them repaired before the new home owner moves in.
• Finding poor workmanship before the owner decides they want to sell the home in the future.
• Offsetting any cost of undiscovered concerns to the home owner whenever they sell the house.
• Finding energy wasting things in the attic like missing insulation or improperly installed insulation
• Finding and reporting on incorrectly installed or leaking duct work or improperly working HVAC units.
• Any items that got damaged during construction can be repaired before the home is occupied.
Peace of mind is extremely important to my clients, knowing that everything has been looked at and any concerns are documented in a full Home Inspection Report, so the primary contractor will have a punch list to follow and use as a guide to make any needed repairs.

When choosing a home inspector Atlanta, make sure that you’re going to get a full and thorough home inspection.  Choosing to hire Cheap Charlie can maybe save you up to $100.00, but it can cost you thousands in the long run.  We have found in the past that the cheap home inspectors in Alpharetta don’t take an average of three to four hours to do a home inspection, not to mention the time it takes to write up the home inspection report.

Atlanta home inspector for atlanta home inspections When you find your dream home, make sure that you get a thorough Atlanta home inspection from the Atlanta home inspector, David & Bonnie Lelak of IHI Home Inspections, they serve Canton, Alpharetta, Roswell, Cumming, Woodstock, Atlanta and all of North Georgia. Call us today at 404-788-2581 for a thorough home inspection in Atlanta. We won’t let you buy the money pit.  You can also schedule your home inspection Atlanta today online.  We create Peace of Mind One Atlanta home inspection at a time.  Be sure to check out all the other reasons other customers chose IHI Home Inspections at our original website.

The choice is yours, “Cheap Charlie” or “Thorough David” you decide.  If you want a thorough Atlanta home inspection for a reasonable price call us today at 404-788-2581, you’ll be glad you did.

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