Immediate Results with IR Scan

IR_0315 About 35% of heating and cooling is lost through the roof, according to energy experts, and walls, windows, and doors can also contribute to air leaks. What this translates to for you – is higher energy bills as your heating and air system struggles to keep up.

So how do you know if you have air leaks?

Unless you want to stumble around your home with a lit candle to see if it flickers at every window, door, or vent, it may be best to invest in professional services that provide Thermal Scans.

With his camera, the Atlanta home inspector  can determine the source of your moisture woes by providing a non-destructive, immediate result service. The camera sees and measures heat signatures. Therefore, moisture will appear as a different color on the camera enabling the inspector, David Lelak to locate the source.
Don’t tear down any walls, Don’t pull up the floor. Let the thermal imager find out what is inside first. Just like an x-ray shows us what bone is broken, the IR will show us energy descrepancies. The same Thermography is also used to monitor equine health conditions.

If you need the Atlanta Home Inspector to see through your walls
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