The Atlanta Home Inspector Missed The Today Show~ Here is What He Missed!

We have all heard the commercials about having bad credit or no credit, and what the company paying for the advertisement will do for someone with said credit woes. What the advertisements fail to mention are that these acts of “kindness” will be at a very high interest rate. The Atlanta Home Inspector is not a mortgage expert, so the complete structure and ins an outs of rates will be left to those who work with the numbers everyday, but the Atlanta Home Inspections team would like to share this information for anyone curious about rebuilding their credit.

Mortgage rates are at an all-time low in Atlanta,¬†GA. However, the low rates you see advertised on TV and online are only available to the home buyers and would-be refinancers whose credit scores are pristine. Having a high credit score is often the difference between getting “the best rates” from your lender, and getting something worse.

The first part of improving your credit score is understanding how it works. In this 5-minute piece from NBC’s The Today Show, (which the Atlanta Home Inspector rarely gets a chance to view anymore, since there are so many home inspections in atlanta and surrounding cities) ,you’ll learn the basics :

  • Why you shouldn’t close a credit card after you pay off a large debt
  • What is the maximize balance to leave on your credit cards, relative to your credit limit
  • What types of credit checks harm your credit scores, and which ones don’t

You’ll also learn how to shop for a mortgage with multiple lenders without having your credit score “dinged”, as well as several proven methods to raise your credit score quickly.

In the end, good credit scores are the result of paying bills on time and staying with your means. Those with the best scores, get the best rates.

Credit scores play a huge role in today’s mortgage market — larger than at any time in recent history. Blame it on the high default rates of the last half-decade. Lenders are reserving their lowest rates for the customers most likely to make on-time repayments.

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