Inaccessible Areas During Home Inspections


  There are so many things to remember when you are purchasing a new home. It is easy to forget this or that when it seems like you have to remember one billion details about the process. This is why agents are great. They will help you through most of this stress. However, there is occasionally a bump or two in the road. One such bump that hinders the home inspection process is the lack of accessibility.

  Home inspectors visually survey the home. If we cannot get to an area that is blocked by furniture, locked, or turned off, then we cannot inspect that item. In order to provide a thorough report that reveals the full story, we must be able to access what we need to inspect.  We need to flush the toilet and run the sink water to check for drain or leak issues. We need to turn the lights on to see if they are functioning. We also check the range to make sure all burners are lighting and we run the dishwasher to make sure it is cycling. These are important items for you as a home buyer to know about.

  Imagine if we were unable to enter the attic. Most of us park our cars in the garage daily.

inaccessible attic

In this photo we see that the attic entrance is in the garage. However, we were unable to enter the attic because the car was parked beneath the entrance. This is a crucial element in the process as we can check for many areas of concern: structure, leak, pest, HVAC, and even insulation levels. None of those items would get inspected if we couldn’t get to them.

  InterNACHI – the Internationl Association of Certified Home Inspectors – holds specific standards. The standard states, “The inspector is not required to move any personal items or obstructions, such as, but not limited to, throw rugs, carpeting, wall coverings, furniture, ceiling tiles, window coverings, equipment, plants, ice, debris, snow, water, dirt, pets, or anything else they might restrict the visual inspection.”  As a member of InterNACHI, we adhere to this standard. Our priority is to provide the most detailed and thorough experience for each client. So, it is imperative that we are able to access areas of the home while there.




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