Inexpensive Fixes Before Listing Your Home

First impressions are everything! The Atlanta Home Inspector agrees that potential home buyers will need to be interested in the home upon first glance in      order to even make it through the front door. Here are a few inexspensive fixes to consider before listing your home:


1.  Weed and seed your lawn.Mulch where needed. Make sure plants, trees and shurbbery are trimmed.

2.  Clear and wash sidewalks. Pressure wash siding and windows.
3.  Make sure the front door is suitable. If there are any issues with the screens or glass, repair them.

Once the buyers have entered the home make sure they are not disappointed. Some quick inside work :
1. New hardware on cabinets will freshen up the overall appearance.
2. Make sure there are no squeaky doors.
3. Any painted surfaces that are cracked or peeling should be touched-up.

4. Make sure the bathroom is free of leaks and has been recaulked, including shower, sink and bathtubs.

The number one rule is to declutter!

Nobody wants to see a years worth of magazines, mail or school papers all over the place!  Organization items such as folders, baskets, filing cabinets can be useful. Today there are different styles that can be used to dress up your unsightly paperwork debris!

We hope that these tips will help you before listing your home. However, you may find them just as useful if you are looking to energize your current home.

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