Interior Maintenance Suggestions From the Atlanta Home Inspector

  Just as health and wellness check-ups are recommended for patients, so is a routine maintenance program for the home. The Atlanta home inspector has compiled a list of interior maintenance options. He realizes that in today’s fast-paced society, it may be difficult to do all of this alone. Atlanta home inspections  is available to help inspect these items if needed.

  • Check for moisture evidence on ceilings and around windows – it is a good idea to specifically search the ceiling directly below bathrooms or laundry areas.
  • Check showers, bathtubs, toilets, and sinks for caulking issues, leaks, or drain issues.  Sometimes a simple fix will take care of any slow drain or loose caulking issues.
  • Check stairwells and railings to ensure safety.  Stair railing can become loose, as can pickets - be mindful of any handrail hardware issues.
  • Check batteries in all fire and safety alarms throughout the home. Make sure that alarms are working properly. Also remember to go over the safety plan with all members of the family in the event that the alarm is activated.


Moisture leak on ceiling below upstairs bathroom

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