Is your air conditioner energy efficient?

Heat Pump efficiency    Is your air conditioner shaded in the summer? The Atlanta Home Inspector notices natural vegetation shading (and sometimes overgowing) air conditioning units. However, just by simply providing shade to the unit, its life expectancy can rise.   The U.S. Department of Energy suggests that energy efficient landscaping can reduce temperatures around the home by up to 9 degrees.  Why not take advantage of natural insulators and shading?

Remember to trim the vegetation periodically to keep it from allowing insect and spoor growth, though. It will work best as a natural insulator and shade source when properly cared for and maintained.


There are also special room -darkening shades that will contain the room temperature within your home. This is another option for climate control. However, your geographic location may also play a role in your best options for keeping a cool space in the heat of summer. For dry humid regions there are special air conditioning units called evaporative units. However, in very humid climates standard heat pumps and air conditioning units can be found.

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