Log Home Retreats: What the Atlanta Home Inspector Looks for

Cabin in north georgiaWhile nothing can compare to the emotion, the ambiance, or the restorative nature of the mountains, there are a few contrasts to consider regarding the composition of your log home retreat.
We dislike spoiling your relaxation, so here are a few items the Atlanta Home Inspector suggests to keep in mind about your log home:
• Look to see if there is any timber rot or any sort of past water damage. Make sure to check the top, ends, and corners of logs.
• Fungus or mildew can appear on logs in dark streaks. Look for any indicators of this occurrence.
• Check all of the logs for gaps, but remember that a little cracking of your house logs is to be expected.
• Look for visible damage from insects, such as termites. Always look along the exterior walls, all of the overhanging roof trim, gable trim, and edges for little round holes made by carpenter bees, as well.
• Check your porches and decks – it is extremely common to discover water damage and mold underneath porches and decks, particularly if the flashing has not been installed properly. Also check to see that decks and porches are attached properly.
• Logs should not be touching the soil. A clearance of 12 inches would be recommended.
• Interior and exterior doors will indicate shrinking log walls. If doors are opening and closing properly – walls have not decreased in size.
• Rafters and framework especially where the roof surface area is situated on the log walls needs assessed to determine if there is at least a 18” or more overhang.

If you need assistance determining these aspects of your log home, don’t hesitate to enlist the services of a North Georgia home inspector. The Atlanta Home Inspector will record the findings in a computerized report and provide you with pertinent information to help maintain the conditions of your mountain escape.

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