On the Playground With the Atlanta Home Inspector

   The Atlanta Home Inspectors  can see up to 14 houses a week. With such a wide variety of dwellings,   home inspections in Atlanta  can be anywhere from 2 bedroom townhomes to 4 + bedroom family homes. One of the most sought after features in a home is a gourmet kitchen. While this is exciting to the adults of a home, the children are more apt to appreciate a big back yard or well constructed playground equipment.

   How many hours did you or your siblings spend outside during warmer weather? Remember sliding on those scorching metal slides? What about the swings? The chains were not coated in protective covering like today.  The rusty frame? Well that was all part of the charm. Plus, it taught  children how to distinguish hot surfaces, avoid rust in the eyes, and to not get pinched by the swing chains. It wasn’t so awful – really it wasn’t.

Keep in mind that while playgrounds can offer hours of entertainment, they can also lead to injuries. According to the CDC, ” About 75% of nonfatal injuries related to playground equipment occur on public playgrounds.” (Tinsworth 2001).  Schools are in the lead with the most accidents.  It stands to reason that the game of statistics will come into play, (no pun intended).  The more children involved, the higher the likelihood of an accident occurring.

  Homes with swing-set equipment are also a source of injury.  In referring to risk factors, the CDC reports :  swings are responsible for most injuries.  (Tinsworth 2001).

  This is in no way implying that children should stay away from playgrounds or back yard swing-set equipment. In fact, the exercise and imaginary play that is derived from the playground is important for childhood development. Playground behaviour has even been studied by psychologists around the globe. Exploring and experiencing heights is one of the developmental curves for children. Through this, boundaries are learned, psychologist Sanderson has written in one of his studies. 

  The Atlanta home inspectors do not perform a formal assessment of swing-sets or playground equipment. However, they do perform a detailed and thorough examination of your home.

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