Polybutylene Piping Systems Found During Atlanta Home Inspections


  Atlanta Home Inspections  will sometimes find Polybutylene Piping.  Polybutylene piping systems are made  of resin, grey or white in color, and have a dull finish.  Inside your home, the fixtures could be found by the Atlanta Home Inspectors in bathrooms as feeds to your sinks and toilets, near water heaters and also in unfinished basements along the ceiling.

In the 1980′s there were numerous Class Action Lawsuits concerning the structural integrity of the piping systems. Defective manufacturing and defective    installation was reported to have caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. It is believed that the basic structural integrity of polybutylene piping  systems is defective due to oxidants in public water supplies. The oxidants cause a chemical reaction within the polybutylene and the fittings, casuing them to become brittle. Once the piping weakens, it can then completely fail and end up causing structural damage.

Once touted as “the pipe of the future”, polybutylene piping became the cause of much scrutiny in many Class Action lawsuits.  The material’s low cost and ease of installation made them an in demand product from 1978 until 1995.

  Sometimes, a home will have partial installation of polybutylene. It is a good idea to check the water main outside of your home, as well. If it is blue in color, then it is polybutylene. Although, sometimes it can be grey or black in color. This can become confusing, because other types of piping are also  found in these colors.  The line will run from the main into your home, typically into the crawlspace or basement area. Also check the shutoff valve in your home, as well as, the shutoff valve at the city water meter. Cases have been reported where one valve shut off was copper, but the other was polybutylene.

  If you are worried about polybutylene piping systems, it is best to consult a professional plumbing expert to provide the best information for you, your home and your family.

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