Would you Buy a Home Without Ever Seeing it in Person?

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Would you buy a car without test driving it?

Would you buy an engagement ring without seeing the diamond?

Would you buy a home without ever seeing it in person? 

Even with today’s technologies that give you an idea of what you are looking at, it just isn’t the same as seeing it with your own eyes.

Wouldn’t you agree?

So why on earth would you purchase a property and not have ahome inspection?

Isn’t it the same as buying it without seeing it?

The home inspection can uncover items that may not be visible on a video stream or even in person, sometimes.

Especially if there is radon, termites, moisture or air leak issues, wouldn’t you want to know before moving your family into the place?


Just curious.

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Renovation No-No’s


chandelier no date     Are you planning a renovation? One no-no that Learnvest suggests is forbidden is ornamental lighting (Bianchi.2014). “Some people    go all out when decorating a dining room, but the next owner may want to turn the dining room into a bedroom, so it’s often a waste,”  Rockower of Learnvest states.


So what are you supposed to do?

             Try to suit your needs for less, especially if you plan on moving one day.


Another renovation “Don’t” is converting a bedroom into a personal interest room such as a library or hobby room. Once the room becomes personalized it is harder to sell it to someone who may have different interests. Besides, most people do ask for that extra bedroom not a model railroad room  – right?

Just remember that unless you plan to stay put in your home, those renovations that seem so special to you, may be worthless to the next person to move into the home.  Don’t end up spending unnecessary funds on a useless investment.           http://www.ihihomeinspections.com      

hobby model railroad room no date

Have you turned on your heat pump yet? – Efficiency tip by the Atlanta Home Inspector

jjjjoIn our region, we seldom have to turn on the heat until the winter months. However, today with the wind making itself know,it made me start to think about needing to turn up the heat. I was also thinking about the home inspections in Atlanta that are performed.

During Atlanta home inspections is your current inspector checking the furnace or heat pump?

Did you know that heat pumps are an efficient choice when the temperatures are 32 degrees or higher? With that being said, when it drops below that temperature, the heat pump must “ask” for a little assistance. This assistance comes in the form of electric heat strips (also known as auxiliary heat), which increase the operating cost of the entire system. Sometimes, this can even be as much as 5 times the normal operation.

So, how would a homeowner avoid using the auxiliary heat? Well, it is always a good idea to service the heat pump to ensure that it is working properly. By keeping dirt and debris out of the unit, the air will flow more freely, as well.

It is also a great idea to keep the thermostat set at a constant temperature. Typically, somewhere below 70 degrees will keep the usage down – meaning the bill will more than likely be less.


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to book an inspection online visit our website http://www.ihihomeinspections.com .

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Top Priority for new home construction clients this year may surprise some

New Construction home inspections no dateTop Priority for new home construction clients this year may surprise some


In the past, clients who chose to build new homes were concerned with specific details that would help them maintain a steady resale value down the road. For instance, the average styles, textures, and colors were requested, which reflected the trends of the time. However, we all know that trends come and go; think bell-bottoms, big hair, and bobby socks all of which were trendy to different eras and cherished by different generations. Today, the top priority of new home construction clients may surprise some, because it is not about color variation or popular appliance brands. It isn’t even about how pretty the house looks when seen from the curb.

According to the NAHB Housing and Economic Policy Group, a 2012 survey indicated that the home buyers’ top priority was energy efficiency. What were the two most requested items on new construction homes? Energy smart windows and Energy Star appliances. What were the least requested items in new constructions? Laundry chutes, wine coolers, and outdoor kitchens (Kavjian, M., Aug. 2013. NAHB. Best in American Living.).

In Atlanta, we see an increase in new home constructions, and have completed several inspection services on newly constructed homes. Remember, it is important to have a home inspected regardless of age, because even the newly built homes can be flawed. The most common issue discovered on new constructions by the Atlanta home inspection team is roof related, whether shingles are not attached properly, are not fully installed or are gapping in places, it is our priority to gather the clues for the home buyers’ so they can ensure their new home is precisely what they want it to be.

Those of you who handle newly constructed properties, what do you see as the latest “must-haves” of your market? Are clients more concerned with function or appearance?

New Construction home inspections no date



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10 items to help you prepare to sell your home

  Now that the new year is in full swing, you may be considering placing your home on the market. You may have already called an agent to represent you, and you may already be shopping for your new residence. It is important to assess your current home prior to any open house or client walk through, though.   If you want to maximize your top dollar and perhaps sell your property quickly, you may want to check out the Atlanta Home Inspectors  to do list:

1. Repair or remove screen doors with holes and tears

2. Pressure wash windows, sidewalks, and siding

3. Paint your front door and polish the doorknob

4. Pull weeds, seed bare spots, and lay down mulch

5. Touch up holes, dings and cracks in paint

6. Clean grout and re-caulk sinks, bathtubs and showers

7. Buy new cabinet hardware

8. Fix leaky faucets and toilets

9. Spray lubricant on squeaky doors

10. Get clutter into storage and out of the way

These may seem like no-brainers, but they are chores that are often overlooked. Hectic work and family schedules can keep homeowners from maintaining a residence. However, the simple little details will help sell a property.  Another idea to consider is a Pre-Listing home inspection  .  Any surprises can be found early and fixed, so that you can come closer to receiving your requested value amount on the home. Also by unveiling them in advance, they can be used as negotiation tools.

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Home Builders See More Sales, Higher Prices Ahead

Housing Market Index 2000-2012

Homebuilder confidence is soaring.

For the fourth straight month, the National Association of Homebuilders reports an increase in its Housing Market Index. The index climbed 4 points to 25 this month – its second four-point gain since October.

With home sales activity increasing across all four regions, the monthly HMI has now nearly doubled in value since June 2011.

The HMI is now at a 55-month high. 

The Housing Market Index itself is a composite reading; the result of three home builder surveys sent by the National Association of Homebuilders to its members monthly. Home builders report back on current single-family home sales volume; projected single-family home sales volume for the next 6 months; and current buyer “foot traffic”.

The NAHB then results compiles the surveys into a single reading.

In January, home builders reported improving sales conditions across all three categories :

  • Current Single-Family Sales : 25 (+3 from December)
  • Projected Single-Family Sales : 29 (+3 from December)
  • Buyer Foot Traffic : 21 (+3 from December)

The Housing Market Index corroborates recent U.S. government data that suggests housing is mending in GA. Both Housing Starts and New Home Sales have out-performed expectations of late, it’s been shown, and the stock of new homes for sale nationwide is dwindling.

All of this, of course, is happening as demand from buyers heats up.  Foot traffic through builder homes is higher than it’s been in more than 3 years, say the builders — a time period that includes the duration of the 2010 home buyer tax credit.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that builders expect a strong 2012.

Jobs data is improving, mortgage rates remain low, and housing momentum is building. For home buyers in Canton , however, it may spell higher home prices ahead. Big demand and small supply creates scarcity and scarcity correlates to rising prices.

If you’re shopping new homes, the best “deal” may be the one you find today.

Foreclosure Filings Fall To 49-Month Low

Annual Foreclosure Change, Top 10 States, December 2011

Foreclosure filings are fewer these days, according to foreclosure-tracking firm RealtyTrac.

In December 2011, the number of foreclosure filings nationwide fell 9 percent from the month prior. Not since November 2007 has foreclosure activity been this sparse across the country.

The drop does not appear to be seasonal, either. 

Last month’s foreclosure filings were down 20 percent from December 2010 with “foreclosure filing” defined to include any one of the following foreclosure-related events : (1) The serving of a default notice, (2) A scheduled home auction, or (3) A bank repossession. As a result of a unexpectedly strong year-end, 2011′s annual foreclosure rate was the lowest in 4 years.

One reason why the year may have closed so strongly is that Nevada, California, Michigan and Arizona — four states typically associated with high rates of foreclosures — each posted big drops in foreclosure filings between November and December, plus double-digit drops between December 2010 and December 2011.  

In fact, among the country’s top 10 states for foreclosure activity, nine showed an annual foreclosure filing reduction.

Only Delaware worsened.

It’s also noteworthy that just 4 states accounted for half of last month’s total foreclosure filings.

  • California : 25.8 percent of all foreclosure filings
  • Florida : 12.0 percent of all foreclosure filings
  • Michigan : 6.4 percent of all foreclosure filings
  • Illinois : 6.2 percent of all foreclosure filings

Foreclosures are heavily concentrated, in other words. By contrast, the last 1% of activity is spread across 14 states.

As a Canton home buyer — first-timer or investor — foreclosures can be a great way to find value.

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, distressed homes typically sell at “deep discounts“ as compared to like, non-distressed homes. However, when you buy a foreclosure home from a bank, it’s different from buying a home from a “person”. Purchase contract negotiations are different and months may pass before your closing is approved.

If you’re buying foreclosure, therefore, seek the help of a professional real estate agent. Real estate agents have experience working in the process-heavy world of foreclosures and can help you come out ahead.

Pending Home Sales Index Rises Back Above 100

Pending Home Sales IndexLow home prices and mortgage rates have combined to push home affordability to record levels nationwide. Home buyers are taking advantage.

The Pending Home Sales Index rose 7 percent in November to rise to its highest level since April 2010, the last month of last year’s home buyer tax credit program. 

The Pending Home Sales Index is published monthly by the National Association of REALTORS®. It measures homes under contract nationwide, but not yet “sold”. 

In this way, the Pending Home Sales Index is different from other housing market indicators. It’s a “forward-looking” figure; a predictor of future home sales. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, more than 80% of homes under contract close within 60 days. 

By contrast, housing data such as the Existing Home Sales report and the New Home Sales report “look back”.

November marks the second straight month of Pending Home Sales Index improvement. The housing market metric made big gains of 10 percent in October 2011, as well.

On a regional basis, each part of the country showed an increase in homes under contract.

  • Northeast Region: +8.1 percent from October 2011
  • Midwest Region : +3.3 percent from October 2011 
  • South Region : +4.3 percent from October 2011
  • West Region : +14.9 percent from October 2011

However, here in Canton, we must discount the value of even the regional data, somewhat. Like else in real estate, the volume of homes going under contract vary by locality.

Throughout the West Region, for example, the region in which pending home sales increased the most from October, there are nearly a dozen states. Undoubtedly, some of those states performed better than others in terms of “homes under contract”, but we don’t have an indication of which states those were.

In addition, within each state, every city, town, and neighborhood realized its own unique market in November, and produced its own sales statistics.

For buyers and sellers throughout GA and the country, therefore, it’s more important to watch data on a local level than on a national one. Reports like the Pending Home Sales Index are helpful in showing national trends, but as an individual, what you need are local trends.

For local real estate data, be sure to ask your agent.

Nationally, Home Prices Off 18.3 Percent From April 2007 Peak

Home Price Index since April 2007 peakThe government confirms what the private-sector Case-Shiller Index reported yesterday. Nationwide, average home values slipped in October.

The Federal Home Finance Agency’s Home Price Index shows home values down 0.2% on a monthly, seasonally-adjusted basis. October marks just the second time since April that home values fell month-over-month.

The Case-Shiller Index 20-City Composite showed values down 0.7 percent from September to October.

As a home buyer in Atlanta , it’s easy to look at these numbers and think housing markets are down. Ultimately, that may prove true. However, before we take the FHFA’s October Home Price Index at face value, we have to consider the report’s flaws.

There are three of them — and they’re glaring. As we address them, it becomes clear that the Home Price Index — like the Case-Shiller Index — is of little use to everyday buyers and sellers in places like Bradshaw Farms.

First, the FHFA Home Price Index only tracks home values for homes backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac mortgages. This means that homes backed by the FHA, for example, are specifically not computed in the monthly Home Price Index.

In 2007, this was not as big of an issue as it is today. in 2007, the FHA insured just 4 percent of the housing market. Today, the FHA is estimated to have more than one-third of the overall housing market.

This means that one-third of all home sales are excluded from the HPI — a huge exclusion.

Second, the FHFA Home Price Index excludes new home sales and cash purchases, accounting for home resales backed by mortgages only. New home sales is a growing part of the market, and cash sales topped 29 percent in October 2011.

Third, the Home Price Index is on a 60-day delay. The above report is for homes that closed in October. It’s nearly January now. Market momentum is different now. Existing Home Sales and New Home Sales have been rising; homebuilder confidence is up; Housing Starts are showing strength. In addition, the Pending Home Sales Index points to a strong year-end.

The Home Price Index doesn’t capture this news. It’s reporting on expired market conditions instead.

For local, up-to-the-minute housing market data, skip past the national data. You’ll get better, more relevant facts from a local real estate agent.

Since peaking in April 2007, the FHFA’s Home Price Index is off 18.3 percent.

New Home Sales Approach Bull Market Territory

New Home Supply 2010-2011New home inventory is approaching bull market territory.

According to the Census Bureau, the number of new homes sold rose 2 percent in November. On a seasonally-adjusted, annualized basis, home buyers bought 315,000 newly-built homes last month.

November’s New Home Sales data marks the 4th straight month of rising sales volume, lifting the housing-market metric to a 7-month high, and adding to the housing market’s recent show of strength. 

Last week, we learned that Existing Home Sales also climbed in November.

The big story in the New Home Sales report, though, is the remaining new home supply nationwide.

With just 158,000 homes “on the market” and the pace of home sales hastening, the complete, national inventory of “new homes” would now be sold in just 6.0 months, a 0.2-month improvement from October. This is the quickest home sales pace in nearly 6 years for the new construction market. 

It’s even faster than in April 2010 — the buyer-deadline month of last year’s federal home buyer tax credit.

Home builders expect the trend to continue, too. Buyer foot traffic is on the rise and builders have a strong outlook for the next 6 months.

It’s an unsettling series of developments for today’s Atlanta home buyers. As home supplies drop and builders gain confidence, the ability of an buyer to negotiate for price reduction and/or upgrades shrinks.

If you’re a home buyer in search of new construction, therefore, consider that the best new construction “deals” of the next 12 months may be the ones you find today.