What is a Macerating Toilet?

macerating toilet                                                                     Macerate: to soften or break into pieces.


A macerating toilet, also called an upflush toilet system, creates a fine slurry of waste and paper, sending it directly to the septic               or  sewer system.  The macerating pump is a good choice when traditional plumbing just will not work. For instance, a bathroom           addition  in an  under the stairs closet or on concrete flooring such is found in a basement make it difficult to install traditional        toilets and  require more money and cutting through concrete to install.  Basically, a macerating toilet is a cost effective and more              simple solution  to  your family’s growing bathroom needs!



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Cluttered Gutter Maintenance tips with the Atlanta Home Inspector, David Lelak

How often do you clean your gutters? It is not uncommon for the Atlanta Home Inspector to find cluttered gutters, particularly this time of the year. There are many reasons to clear the gutters of debris. Not only will the curb appeal increase, but the overall integrity of the home can be enhanced.

It is a good idea to schedule regular maintenance and up-keep on your home’s gutters. Here are a few pointers to consider when tackling the task:

Ensure that you have a stable ladder before beginning and a bucket or garbage bags to collect the mess. Scoop the debris from the gutter either by hand or with the aid of a garden tool. Sometimes it is difficult to remove sticks or thick dirt clods from the gutter. If necessary, use a hose to wet down the goop. Take care to not damage the gutter in the process. The hose can also help to flush out the downspouts. Again, be cautious. Don’t turn the water pressure to full-blast, or there could be a catastrophe when the downspouts and gutters crash to the ground! If you are comfortable walking on the roof, the cleaning process can be achieved from above the gutter, using a leaf blower. This is typically the method that professional gutter cleaning companies use.

Whether or not a professional is hired to clean the gutters, isn’t important ~ the main objective is that they are cleared by someone on a routine basis so that the build- up of muck doesn’t cause damage to the home. The debris can dam-up the gutter making water spill over the sides, leaking onto the home’s siding, or into the roof. It can also attract myriads of bugs and allow spoors to grow.

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