Things We All Dislike – That can be easily solved with these household tips!!

   You know what I dislike? Purchasing something with a price sticker that wont’ seem to pry off of the surface – that’s what I dislike. I recently read an article with the Atlanta Home Inspector, which explained how to remove that pesky price label . Here is  what it said:

The same pre-treater that erases spots and stains from fabric will also dissolve the black, tacky adhesive and bits of paper that often get left behind when you try to peel off a price sticker. Saturate the sticker with the spray, working it in with your fingers. Wait about 30 seconds, and the gooey residue should be soft enough to scrape off. The last step includes washing the itme in hot sudsy water.

Sounds simple enough!              

 Want to know something else that I dislike?  BBQ stains. Love to eat BBQ with the Atlanta Home Inspection team, but the stains that it leaves behind can be ridiculous. So when I found this handy tip on msn living, I was excited and eager to share it with y’all :

 Place a layer of paper towels over the stain. Working from the inside of the fabric, flush with cold water to transfer some of the barbecue sauce to the towel. Later, pretreat with liquid laundry detergent to break up the stain. Let sit for several minutes, then rinse well. Sponge the stain with white vinegar and rinse again. Pretreat again and wash. Also works for ketchup spills! 

       While I am venting about simple little irritating things that happen to us all, I suppose I will add one more item to this blog.  This one is regarding leather shoes. You know how they become dull, losing their shine?Well did you know that if you first use a damp cloth to remove visible dirt, then apply a drop of vegetable oil to the surface, those lackluster kicks will be spiffy in no time!  It is so interesting to consider different uses for everyday items. Hopefully these tips will come in handy to you.


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Why a Home Inspection in Atlanta is a Good Idea

During a recent home inspection in Wellesley Subdivision Atlanta, GA, David Lelak is silhoutted against a neighboring home.

  Puchasing a home is one of the biggest investments that people make in their lifetime.  It is not something that most people enter into without research, time and consideration. Just as you wouldn’t purchase the first car you see without learning all about whats under the hood or marry the first date you have without spending the time to get to know that person, you also wouldn’t want to buy a house without knowing what is beyond the front door!   A home inspection is a service that is provided to clients buying, selling, or renovating their homes. An inspector will view and report on everything that is visible to them at the time that they are present in your home.  An exterior and interior investigation will occur.   By walking the roof, areas that cannot be seen from the ground can be found. This is helpful, in that what might seem like a small hole, rip or tear, could be the cause of a major issue inside of your home.  Why risk not knowing what could be in store for you when the next rainstorm happens?  Also, by entering crawlspaces, basements, and attics, the inspectors can determine if ther are any problems structurally.   Various services can be provided by your home inspector. Thermal scans, Radon monitoring, appliance Recall chek and exterminating services can help you be a better informed home owner. The more attention to detail that is given, the more secure you can feel. By revealing issues upfront, the inspection report should contain detailed information that will allow you to be a knowlegeable home buyer or home seller.  The best service that an inspector offers is peace of mind.    Your agent will more than likely provide you with a list of recommended inspection companies. They can usually guide you in the direction that will be best for your needs. Ask them who they recommend most and why. This will also provide you with enough information to find a thorough inspection company.  Most agents will also explain to their clients the need for a home inspection. The decision however, is in the client’s hands.    Home inspections are a good idea because they reveal and report any unseen or otherwise unknown issues in a home. They provide a picture of not only the exterior, but also the interior of the home. Explanations can be provided regarding how to fix or maintain certain findings. The most important reason for an inspection, is to provide you, the client, peace of mind.