Adjustable Rate Mortgage – Is it right for me?

Buying a home is a common rite of passage for most people. Settling down, creating stability, establishing a sense of community and responsibility are a just a few of the benefits of owning versus renting.  Another benefit is the investment, and the equity that a home can provide.  However, when it comes to the financing options – what should you do? When considering mortgage options, which can aid you as the buyer, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Am I interested in a low payment?
  • Do I intend to live in this house for more than 5 years?
  • Is a 30 year commitment unrealistic?

Electing to take an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) over a fixed rate loan is one of the financing options that you will be presented.  ARMs tend to carry lower mortgage rates up- front and, therefore, lower monthly mortgage payments. However, the word adjustable is in the very title, so it stands to reason that the mortgage payment will fluctuate as the rate adjusts over time.  While this might seem a bit scary, since you aren’t sure what the stock market will do tomorrow, it could still be a feasible option if you are not expecting to commit to your current home for more than 5 years. In other words, why pay a higher, set rate, when you know that you are vacating the home in 5 years or less.  However, as the loan adjusts, be prepared for the possibility of a much higher rate down the road.

On the other hand, if you plan on making a lifelong commitment to your property, and are more comfortable knowing what each monthly installment will cost you ahead of time and without variance,  then a conventional fixed rate mortgage is most likely what you will feel more at ease with.  While the initial rate may be slightly higher than the initial rate on an adjustable mortgage, the comfort of knowing is sometimes the best decision in a hectic life where most things are always changing.

As in any financial decision, it is best to consult an authority on mortgage lending. Find a mortgage loan expert who can explain the different options available, any risk factors involved, and the best solutions for you.

Interior Maintenance Suggestions From the Atlanta Home Inspector

  Just as health and wellness check-ups are recommended for patients, so is a routine maintenance program for the home. The Atlanta home inspector has compiled a list of interior maintenance options. He realizes that in today’s fast-paced society, it may be difficult to do all of this alone. Atlanta home inspections  is available to help inspect these items if needed.

  • Check for moisture evidence on ceilings and around windows – it is a good idea to specifically search the ceiling directly below bathrooms or laundry areas.
  • Check showers, bathtubs, toilets, and sinks for caulking issues, leaks, or drain issues.  Sometimes a simple fix will take care of any slow drain or loose caulking issues.
  • Check stairwells and railings to ensure safety.  Stair railing can become loose, as can pickets - be mindful of any handrail hardware issues.
  • Check batteries in all fire and safety alarms throughout the home. Make sure that alarms are working properly. Also remember to go over the safety plan with all members of the family in the event that the alarm is activated.


Moisture leak on ceiling below upstairs bathroom

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Dirty Fruit? Consider this Organic Recipe.

How clean is the fruit that the Atlanta Home Inspector eats? Have you stopped to wonder how many have handled the fruits and vegetables from the market? The only way to know how clean your fruits and veggies are, is to home grow and organically clean them. As busy as home inspectors in Atlanta are these days, time becomes an issue for growing your own produce.

By coating fruits and vegetables with wax, the grocery can keep the itmes stocked longer. Also consider the pesticides used on your produce while they are still growing. Even organic produce, which is free of harmful pesticides, they are still passed through several hands on the way to the market.

Make your own organic fruit washWashing your vegetables and fruit in water might not be enough to eliminate the germs. Another option to consider is making your own organic fruit wash. Atlanta Home Inspections  has not tried this recipe yet, let us know what you think!

Here is what you will need:  a large pitcher, 1 cup of white vinegar and 1 TBs of baking soda, 25 drops of grapefruit seed extract, 1 spray bottle. Note: this recipe will make enough wash to last for 1 month.

First:  pour the cup of water, white vinegar and baking soda in a large pitcher

Second: add 25 drops of grapefruit seed extract

Third:  mix and pour into spray bottle.

Now you are ready to spray. Spray the wash, coating food, let it stand for at least 5 minutes before rinsing, then run water over the fruit.

You might just be surprised at the dirt and chemicals that wash from the fruit.

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