Are you a landlord? Don’t forget to have your investment property inspected!


            Rental properties have become exponentially more popular. They are in demand. Partially due to the high rate of short sales and foreclosures, and partially because segments of society have become more transient, the prices on rentals are climbing.  The Atlanta home inspector has noticed this current trend.

             Short sales and foreclosures mar a person’s credit, which means that, that person must wait until they can become approved for a mortgage loan. So, this means that most likely, this segment of society is now categorized as rental property clientele.

            Now more than ever, jobs require travel and relocation to stay active in the market. Due to this change in the employment environment, people cannot tie themselves to a home for several years knowing that they will be moving on to another location. So, this segment of society is also categorized as rental property clientele. This segment also keeps townhomes and condos on their list of choices.

            In this ever-changing real estate market, it is always wise to schedule a home inspection. Whether you are purchasing an investment property that will be rented-out to others, or stepping into the townhome of your dreams. By alleviating any concerns and realizing precisely what you are purchasing, a home inspector can provide you peace of mind and inform you about the simple maintenance items that can be found in most homes.

Details make the inspectors job interesting. Don’t let those details be your problem. Call a thorough, detailed, friendly, trustworthy and knowledgable inspector, David Lelak at IHI Home Inspections. IHI Home Inspections provides computerized home inspection reports. Call us today 404-788-2581 or better yet you can now schedule your home inspections completely online at  We provide peace of mind one home inspection at a time!

If you’re a home owner who wishes to simply maintain their home in the best possible manner call us today for a maintenance inspection.

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A Home Inspector in Atlanta, Ga also a Mystery Detective?

Standing for 84 years, the house had been home to different families from different walks of life. Writers, Historians, Moms and Pops had tread the hardwoods and shared many of life’s lessons within the cottage walls.  The charm and character of the place remained in tact, in fact, the new owners fell in love at first sight.  One could say that the walls even spoke to them in tones that beckoned a new life and the promise of new adventure in a once upon a time railroad town.  Underneath the paint, behind the built-in bookshelves, and beyond the original fireplace stone, there loomed another story. A story that still remains untold. A story of Joseph Simco, Bronze Star recipient; A story of Benjamin Quillen, Medic, forever carved in stone.

    Who were these souls? What remains is a carving of name, rank and heroism,  life and death, etched and tucked away underneath an Atlanta area home.  As the words indicate, they were not from Georgia. How did this gravestone, a foundation of one’s life, become a structural foundation? Symbolic, indeed. Mysterious, nonetheless. Speculations will never write the complete story. Imagination can only serve to create a new chapter in this storybook home.

     Research will be the only key, to unlocking the history and mystery of this home. 


When you find your dream home, make sure that you get a thorough Atlanta home inspection from the Atlanta home inspector, David & Bonnie Lelak of IHI Home Inspections, they serve Canton, Alpharetta, Roswell, Cumming, Woodstock, Atlanta and all of North Georgia. Call us today at 404-788-2581 for a thorough home inspection in Atlanta. We won’t let you buy the money pit.  You can also schedule your Atlanta home inspection today online.  We create Peace of Mind One Atlanta home inspection at a time.  Be sure to check out all the other reasons other customers chose IHI Home Inspections at our original website. 

The choice is yours, “Cheap Charlie” or “Thorough David” you decide.  If you want a thorough Atlanta home inspection for a reasonable price call us today at 404-788-2581, you’ll be glad you did.

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  • I walk the roof on 99% of homes – most inspectors don’t!
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  • 24/7 Convenient Online scheduling
  • Recall Check – appliances checked for manufacturer recalls NEW Service now being offered!
  • Discounts available for Military and 2nd Inspections
  • Radon Gas 48-Hour continuous testing available

We also provide State of the Art Thermal Imaging Services:

  • Got a leak you can’t find – we detect hidden leaks behind your walls!
  • Are you losing heating and cooling dollars – find out where with an Energy Scan!
  • Worried about your electric panel overheating – check it with an Electrical Scan! 
  • Know a business owner with flat roof issues, repairs or about to be replaced – we can possibly save them thousands with Commercial Roof Scanning!

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