Do you see the Atlanta Home Inspector?




    Do you see the home inspector?

Sometimes he is in the most interesting places!

Whether it is up high

or down low

the Atlanta Home Inspector is sure to go

                                                      to great lengths to show

you what you need to know.

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Why do Roofing Nails Burst out of the Roof?

By spending several hours per week performing Atlanta Home Inspections,  David Lelak discovers many interesting issues.  As part of the criteria for inspecting homes in Atlanta, roofs are walked to spot those items which cannot be seen from the ground with binoculors.  One common rooftop occurrence is nails that are seemingly bursting right out of the shingles.

Why do roofing nails burst out of the roof?

The answer is simple. SCIENCE.  Given the location of a roof, it is always exposed to the elements. Therefore, when it rains ( or other forms of moisture occur),  the wood that roofs are constructed from will expand.  Once the sun pops out it not only dries up all the rain, but it also creates heat.  The nail will become hot and extricate itself from the nail hole.  The heat also creates the shingles themselves to increase in temperature, thus provoking the nails to burst out of their proper places.  When one is found at an advanced stage, it is the end result of this process occuring repeatedly over time.

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