Garbage Disposal Etiquette with the Atlanta Home Inspector


Garbage Disposal  Are you using your garbage disposal properly? What foods do you consistently flush down the drain, and which foods do you pitch elsewhere?  The Atlanta home inspection crew has created a list of consumables that need to avoid garbage disposal territory. Make sure that the disposal stays clog-free, and that the trap does not become blocked.  Even though a plumber could help in this situation, why pay for a service call if you can educate your family ahead of time and avoid the situation if possible!

Here’s that short list of food waste that’s better suited for the garbage

  • Rice and pasta : Small particles can never be completely pulverized, and will swell in the presence of water. This can clog pipes and traps.
    • Egg shells : Tiny, granular waste can get “bound” with pipe sludge, creating a thick clog.
    • Coffee grounds : Same as for egg shells. As a clog thickens, it’s harder for water to pass through.
    • Grease : Liquid fats turn to solid when in contact with cold water. Over time, this creates a clog like plaque on an artery.
    • Potato peels : Once ground, peels turn starchy like mashed potatoes. This can clog a drain pipe instantly.

With kitchen garbage disposals, the general rule for flushing food should be “when in doubt, leave it out”. Use your disposal for convenience, not for a trash chute substitute!

On a side note, The Atlanta home inspector takes pictures of every garbage disposal and submits the model and serial numbers to RecallChek to ensure that your disposal has not been recalled for issues. There could be an underlying issue with the disposal if you are experiencing issues, yet using the appliance properly.

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Not Everyone Can Walk on a Roof



Not everyone can walk on a roof. Let’s face it,  some of us suffer vertigo, Acrophobia, or are just plain chicken.  However, at IHI Home Inspections  great pride is taken in roof top walking. Some home inspectors do not walk the roof. This means that they can only report those details that are seen from the ground.  Here is a little hint… if it isn’t seen, then it isn’t put into the Inspection Report. Think about this for a moment – let’s say there was a hole the size of a quarter in a rooftop vent boot. This might sound like a very nit picky issue if you do not understand the consequences of this find. The significance, is that water, debris, and any other outside element, can get into this boot, and onto your roof, or into your attic. The water damage will  cause your roof to rot. Do you suppose that a home inspector standing on the ground, would see such a detail?  This is a little scary if you are buying a home. Make sure you and your real estate agent know your home inspection options before it is too late.

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