Tips for protecting yourself and your pet against snakebite

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  Atlanta Home Inspections sometimes encounters snakes or evidence of snakes during Atlanta Home Inspection services.


Did you know that snakes can strike from a distance that is half their body length away? This makes it very important to steer clear of areas that could promote the snakes to thrive. While we as humans might realize the dangers of stomping through tall grass, our furry four-legged friends might not – and may even be enticed to investigate.  So here are a few pointers for you that the APCC (Animal Poison Control Center) have put together.


  • Walk your pet on a leash


  • Steer your pet away from bushes.


  • Guide your pet away from yards that have not been mowed


  • Steer Clear of dead snakes. They can still strike reflexively for up to an hour after death!


If you find yourself in an emergency situation where your pet has been bitten by a snake make sure to keep him or her as calm as possible. Remove the collar and keep the bite below heart level. Restrict movement, also. This will prevent the venom from circulating in the bloodstream as quickly. Of course, get to the vet as quickly as possible.


If you are bitten by a snake try to remain calm, also. The steps listed above are also applicable to humans who have been snake bitten.


If you have a snakebite kit make sure it contains a suction pump device to extract the venom. Older kits do not contain these devices. Make sure you have a newer kit on hand. Note: If you can get to a medical facility no longer than 30 minutes after being bitten, you will not need to attempt to extract the venom.  Medical professionals are not great supporters of the suction pump device found in snakebite kits. They maintain Antivenom is the best method. (American Red Cross).


The next time you are out walking or jogging make sure to be aware of your surroundings. The best way to prevent a snakebite is to avoid areas where they live or hide.



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