Top Priority for new home construction clients this year may surprise some

New Construction home inspections no dateTop Priority for new home construction clients this year may surprise some


In the past, clients who chose to build new homes were concerned with specific details that would help them maintain a steady resale value down the road. For instance, the average styles, textures, and colors were requested, which reflected the trends of the time. However, we all know that trends come and go; think bell-bottoms, big hair, and bobby socks all of which were trendy to different eras and cherished by different generations. Today, the top priority of new home construction clients may surprise some, because it is not about color variation or popular appliance brands. It isn’t even about how pretty the house looks when seen from the curb.

According to the NAHB Housing and Economic Policy Group, a 2012 survey indicated that the home buyers’ top priority was energy efficiency. What were the two most requested items on new construction homes? Energy smart windows and Energy Star appliances. What were the least requested items in new constructions? Laundry chutes, wine coolers, and outdoor kitchens (Kavjian, M., Aug. 2013. NAHB. Best in American Living.).

In Atlanta, we see an increase in new home constructions, and have completed several inspection services on newly constructed homes. Remember, it is important to have a home inspected regardless of age, because even the newly built homes can be flawed. The most common issue discovered on new constructions by the Atlanta home inspection team is roof related, whether shingles are not attached properly, are not fully installed or are gapping in places, it is our priority to gather the clues for the home buyers’ so they can ensure their new home is precisely what they want it to be.

Those of you who handle newly constructed properties, what do you see as the latest “must-haves” of your market? Are clients more concerned with function or appearance?

New Construction home inspections no date



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