Why the FOR SALE sign is Still in Your Front Yard

Has your house been on the market for several months – years even? Have you evaluated the situation completely to determine why the For Sale sign is still perfectly perched in the front lawn? There are a number of circumstances that can prevent a home from selling. The Atlanta Home Inspector would like to share a few of the reasons.

v Is it “move-in” ready? – Unless someone is specifically looking for a home to fix or remodel, chances are they would much rather move-in and not have to lift a finger to make it inhabitable. A pre-listing home inspection could help you find problem areas that you may be unaware of – areas that would cause the home not to sell.

v Where is it located? – Location truly is important. If the home sits on a heavily traveled, noisy roadway it will not be attractive to someone with children, pets, or a 3rd shift work schedule.

v Is the price realistic? – Many times there are unreal expectations regarding worth. It is difficult to separate the emotional attachments, upgrades and all other ties that bind the person selling the home to the property. However, in order to remain competitive a realistic value must be placed on the home and a realistic asking price.

v Does anyone realize the house is for sale? – Making sure a marketing plan is in place for the property is essential. In today’s hi-tech society, internet searches help consumers with the decision-making process. If your home is not visible on the internet, then it is not visible to those who search it hoping to find a new home!

While this list points out a few reasons, there could be other factors that cause a home to sit on the market for an extended amount of time. From the neighbors to the transportation availability, if your house has been listed for a while and nothing seems to be happening, make sure you are frequently communicating with your listing agent to ensure that they are providing you the best service available.

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