Bricks – Energy Efficient and Value Enhancing


Dorothy, Toto and her cohorts followed the Yellow Brick Road, and it would seem that 60% of homebuyers are discovering that there is “no place like a Brick Home”.  The Atlanta home inspector  encounters brick homes that are still standing today, which were built hundreds of years ago. In fact, companies such as ACME Brick provide a 100 year limited Gurantee for Homebuyers.

Brick doesn’t rot, is energy efficient and enhances the resale value of a home.  Imagine not having to paint, caulk or stain. Not to mention, bricks will not burn, so fire insurance premiums are drastically reduced. The composition of brick keeps your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Sometimes Atlanta Home Inspections will encounter a situation that will require further assistance from a structural engineer, but with bricks, that is more rare.

Today, you can shop online for various patterns and colors of brick. Some websites offer  more than 1000 syles and offer a side by side comparison of brick versus other cladding choices. However, the most popular method of brick shopping is through a vendor, who will provide samples for you to view before purchase.

Consider all the options when building, buying or selling your home. Brick exteriors enhance resale values possibly by 6% or more.

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