Home Staging Tips for Everyone Shared by A Home Inspector in Atlanta GA

It is hard to remove yourself from a house you have called home. However, when you are trying to sell it, all the personal elements must go. Just because you find something appealing, doesn’t mean that everyone potentially buying your home will share your design taste.

By removing clutter from the home, the appearance will not only be neater, but also seem more spacious. In that decluttered area, regroup furniture to maximize the space. By pulling items away from the walls, rooms will feel larger. Find out what type of “extra” room potential buyers are looking for, and repurpose one of your home’s rooms to meet that criteria.

A top selling point is lighting. They say ligting sets the mood, and that seems to be accurate. With brighter lights (higher wattage bulbs) areas seem more inviting. Also consider more than one type of lighting per room.

Paint can also make the sale. If you want space to have definition, use different colors to set those spaces off. However, if you are wanting to enhance areas, to make them seem more fluid and roomier, try using the same color to draw the rooms together. Also, try to remain neutral. Neutral colors tend to garner more offers. BUT if you must be creative, be mindful of what colors you use and what rooms you paint. Sometimes the outcome is dramatic, other times horrific.

Try to use artwork to your advantage. Don’t always hang pictures in straight lines or all at the same height. Remember the rule of threes. Odd numbers are more appealing than even. Bring artwork in from your yard or garden. Fresh flowers or plants liven up a space and make it inviting.

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