Recycling with the Atlanta Home Inspector

  Outgrown clothing, stacks of papers, and an over-abundance of plastic shopping bags cluttering your home?  Need some ideas about where to start in the recycling process? The Atlanta home inspector has thought of a few ways to benefit the environment, as well as, a few ways to help people.

All children grow whether we want them to or not, so it is common to have shirts and pants cluttering up the closet space. A good way to recycle the outgrown garments is to donate them. In our community there are various drop-off stations for clothing. Not only are you cleaning-up your space, but also providing clothing for someone else.

Mail, newspapers, magazines and school papers tend to stack-up. A common occurrence in our home, is that the stacks just get shuffled around. Growing tired of this shuffling stack dance, we decided to set up bins for paper products.  Our waste management company picks up our bin once a week. Now books are another story. It is hard to let books go thinking that they might not get read. So a great alternative is your public library. Most of them will take book donations and add them to their collections.

When you open a can of green beans what do you do with the can? Placing veggie and fruit cans with aluminum soda cans is another recycling option. Check with your drop-off or pick-up crew to see if they prefer label peeled or left on the can. It varies by location.

Glass can also be recycled. A separate bin in the garage is helpful to collect any bottles or assorted glassware. Once again, our waste management company picks-up these items during their regular route.

If you have a pet, don’t let him or her leave their deposit behind in your neighbor’s yard. Re-use that plethora of plastic shopping bags to collect their little or big “offerings” as you walk.  You can’t beat the price of them – free!

It might seem like extra work and difficult decision-making, when the subject of recycling is approached. However, recycling benefits our earth – our home.  Also, you are helping other people by donating items that you no longer need or use.

Happy recycling!

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