Renovation No-No’s


chandelier no date     Are you planning a renovation? One no-no that Learnvest suggests is forbidden is ornamental lighting (Bianchi.2014). “Some people    go all out when decorating a dining room, but the next owner may want to turn the dining room into a bedroom, so it’s often a waste,”  Rockower of Learnvest states.


So what are you supposed to do?

             Try to suit your needs for less, especially if you plan on moving one day.


Another renovation “Don’t” is converting a bedroom into a personal interest room such as a library or hobby room. Once the room becomes personalized it is harder to sell it to someone who may have different interests. Besides, most people do ask for that extra bedroom not a model railroad room  – right?

Just remember that unless you plan to stay put in your home, those renovations that seem so special to you, may be worthless to the next person to move into the home.  Don’t end up spending unnecessary funds on a useless investment.       

hobby model railroad room no date

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